Patient Communication-Why Nurses are so Important in the Hospital

Published: 02nd July 2007
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You could ask anyone who has ever had to spend time in a hospital about the importance of nurses. While their answers may vary, the chances are very good you would hear one repeated theme. Nurses are important because they are the ones who know first hand the importance of patient care. That's not to say that doctors aren't aware of the procedures they perform or of their individual patients' conditions. Doctors are simply taking care of more patients than nurses, but it is the job of a nurse to adequately communicate and care for the patients in their wards.

The nursing profession, like that of a teacher, is an often underappreciated profession. All of the small and large things that nurses take care of in one shift go unnoticed unless there is a problem. The nurse often becomes the most important person in a hospital patient's life. It certainly isn't a thankless job. Nurses are the ones who have the opportunity to see healing and nurturing take place. Any nurse who has been practicing for any length of time will also tell you that certain patients retain a place in their hearts long after they are discharged. With caring for others comes a deep appreciation for the human spirit.

Without patient communication, the patient wouldn't receive safe and effective care and the nurse wouldn't be able to do his or her job efficiently. As previously noted, doctors are often hurried and unable to adequately listen to all of the concerns their patients may have. It is the job of the nurse to relay the vital information to the doctor in charge to make sure their patients are taken care of. Among the many other duties a nurse performs in the hospital, listening to what their patients have to say about how they are feeling and what they need is one of the most important aspects of being a good nurse.

Another reason patient communication in the hospital is so vital is because sometime accidental errors do occur. Hospital personnel are human and accidents happen. A nurse who is very good at their job and talking to patients and their families are much more likely to notice a discrepancy than a hurried doctor. Nurses who pay attention to what their patients are going through will remember that medications should have been given an hour ago or that a test was performed the day before, for example. A patient is much more comfortable with their treatment when they have a nurse that listens to them and is someone that they trust to look out for their best interests.

Nurses are a vital aspect in providing patient communication in the hospital. Patients heal better and feel safer when they have a nurse that they feel is an advocate for them and their health. It isn't unheard of for nurses to go out of their way to ensure their patients are well cared for. In some cases, an important question was overlooked or the prescribed medication is making the patient sick when a comparable substitute could be used. It is nurses that doctors go to when they have questions about a patient's care or how they are healing. As important to the hospital community as doctors are, nurses are the communication glue that holds everything together and ensures the safe recovery of the patients.

Human compassion and true caring are essential components of any healing process. Nurses are a large part of that healing and continue to understand the importance of patient communication in the hospital setting.

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