How Clothes Truly Help Shape Identity and Confidence

Published: 17th September 2007
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As the old saying goes, "It's the clothes that make the man (or the woman)." But is this really true? Fashion magazines want us to believe it, clothing stores want us to believe it, and designers want us to believe it. While we might simply think that this idea of clothes creating confidence in ourselves is simply a marketing ploy, perhaps it isn't. According to psychological studies, it seems that our perception of our selves can be affected by the way we dress. Here's what you need to know.

Why the Power Suit Works

Just like any lucky object, dressing for success is something that has worked time and time again. When you go into a job interview, you dress a certain way, hoping to project confident and professionalism. If you were to walk into that same job interview in a t-shirt and jeans, you wouldn't look the part of the suitable hire, plus you also wouldn't feel confident in yourself. That lack of confidence would show and your interview might not go as well as you would like.

In truth, the idea of a power suit does work. By creating a more confident, a more put together self, you begin to change your attitude about yourself at the same time - not just your clothes. You act differently because you feel differently about yourself. You might be more willing to speak up for yourself or to speak in front of other people because your outfit makes you look like someone that deserves to be heard.

While it could be said that this is a sort of mind game that we are playing with ourselves, it works. By creating an image of the person we want to be, we inevitably become (or at least act) like that ideal self.

We act like that confident person we want to be. And the more we act, the more we become that person we aspire to be.

Creating your Unique Look

But beyond creating confidence, your clothing can also change the identity you project. When in the office setting, you might wear office professional clothes. And when on a date, you might try to dress more provocatively. In either case, you want to create a look that truly speaks to the person you are, rather than focusing solely on what the fashion magazines might be telling you to wear.

You can start this process by figuring out what colors you like and what colors look good on you - not always the same thing. Look through your closet right now to see what colors you predominantly have - those are probably your signature colors.

Some people also create their unique look by wearing a certain piece again and again - like a certain pair of earrings or a belt or scarf. Sure, the colors of these items might change, but it's the piece that they always wear, so it sets their style apart from everyone else. It makes them unique and identifiable.

Making Your Closet Work for You

To help create the person you want to reflect to the world, you will want to make sure you are wearing things that you like and feel comfortable in. You can start to reshape your wardrobe by taking the time to look through what you already own and then toss anything that doesn't make you feel absolutely beautiful. Donate these pieces to charity or give them to friends who might love them.

When you have a closet that's full of only the things you truly love to wear and feel you look good in, you will be able to be confident every day.

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